Our Services

Cygnus Consulting is a professional services company providing IT consulting and services across business consulting, architecture, cloud, application services, digital transformation, security services, technology and managed services offerings. We deliver our services through a unique Service Aggregator model that brings together specialised skills through our technology partner ecosystem.


Consulting Services

Business and technology is changing at unprecedented speed. It is critical for organisation to remain agile, customer focused, and relevant in these evolving times.  Businesses are typically staffed and skilled for running their business effectively and efficiently but are often inexperienced in undertaking significant change programs.  Our team of industry thought leaders, business consultants, and technology experts help organisations to create and implement clear and actionable plans for complex challenges.  We have demonstrable expertise, experience and IP in managing these complexities – to deliver and operationalise programs which best meet strategic and operational objectives, all within cash, time and resource constraints.


Our services include:

  • Strategic change implementation 
  • Strategic portfolio management 
  • Digital transformation strategy and implementation planning 
  • Governance & advisory 
  • Large program remediation 
  • Enhancing Business agility 

Architecture Services

Strong building cannot stand on a weak foundation. A futuristic and pragmatic architecture helps organizations to create systems that are flexible, predictable, stable, and scalable. Cygnus Consulting’s team of expert architects can help you design architecture to maximize scalability and performance. We help big organizations as well as start-ups to establish & mature enterprise architecture practice right through defining the vision, explaining standards and procedures, all the way to operations and management of technologies and applications.

Our services include:

  • Architecture strategy and assessment
  • Architecture as a Service
  • Digital Transformation roadmap
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business/Process Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture
  • Security Architecture

Intelligent Enterprise Automation

We help enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation and create and implement solutions across industries. Our experts across leading technologies like Microsoft, Salesforce, Pega, Adobe, etc. ensure that transformation gets delivered the right way  at very first time


Our services include:

  • Business Application Implementation Services
  • Business Process Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Sales and Service (CRM)
  • Digitally connected workforce

Data & Analytics

In a digital first world,  data and insights provides untapped opportunities and unique competitive advantage. We help our client capture data the right way, ensure its available all time, and then harness  the data across business functions – helping them to get the insights they need  to address business challenges, create growth strategies, and delight their customers.

Our services include:

  • Data Governance and  Management
  • Data Migration strategy and implementation
  • Advances Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Analytics


Cloud Services:
We are now in an era where not being on cloud needs a business case. Companies are using cloud become more resilient, adaptive, agile, and innovative.  Cloud is helping break the wall between business and IT , enabling creation of new business models and innovative ways to delight customers and employees.  We have developed a unique range of capabilities by working with major cloud vendors.

Our services include:

  • Cloud Platform Services
  • Cloud Readiness assessment
  • Cloud Migration and Implementation
  • Cloud Goveranance and Compliance
  • Security Management
  • Application development and modernisation


“Rapid” Change is only constant. Businesses need ture agility to respond fast to needs and demaonds of its customers, employees, and society at large.  Ability to implement change is critical to business success hence rapid deployments to production is a KPI for all CIOs.  Cygnus consulting workds closely with its clients to create progrmatic solution and then deliver them confidently.

Our services include:

  • DevOps engineering to enable true agility
  • Strategies to help promote DevOps as a culture
  • DevOps guidance and best practices implementation
  • Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD as code solutions
  • Multi cloud/cloud + on-prem DevOps design patterns
  • Disaster recovery and backup solutions

Digital Services

We help our clients throughout the entire product lifecycle. Right from idea validation and proof of value, through to solution development and deployment.  We are a one stop shop to provide a cross-functional team for digital program. Clients also get access to our industry experts technology gurus, and delivery leaders to ensure that a smooth transition from ideation till go-live. 


Our services include:

  • Full Stack Engineering
  • Mobile & Web Development
  • Application Development Agile teams to co-create and continuously improve large technical platforms

Cyber Security

Data is everything! Its valuable!  And it’s for the very reason it’s a now becoming a very lucrative business to steal / access and use Business critical information, intellectual property and employee and customer data of major organizations. In the era of constant business and IT transformation, the cost and demand for speed of storing, organizing and maintaining business data continues to grow and this leads to increase of risk of losing control over your assets, info and data.  Cygnus Consulting have helped multiple companies in their transformation journeys in Australia.

Our services include:

  • Security Audit
  • Risk assessment
  • Security governance
  • Vulnerability assessment