Digital transformation is sweeping all industries at an unprecedented pace. It presents both challenges and opportunities for companies, as barriers to entry are collapsing and technology is enabling businesses to enter uncharted territories.

Cygnus Consulting brings industry stalwarts and technology experts together to solve a business problem by using the right technologies most optimally. Our industry experts have a deep understanding of challenges, trends, and opportunities that the industry is facing. We help our client by applying this insight to tailor-made solutions and specialist services to meet the industry-specific requirements.



Financial sector is going through a once in generation transformation phase. They are fighting on multiple fronts – Regulatory, Technology, competition from unexpected players, diminishing loyalty coupled with ease of switching; and COVID 19.The sector on whole is walking a tight rope of investing aggressively in cloud, customer channels, regulatory compliance, Open banking; while reducing cost as they face possibility of negative rates in sharping falling global economy, competitions from Fintech, large scale unemployment etc. 


Our services include:

  • Risk and Compliance
  • Transformation governance
  • Intelligent enterprise automation
  • Customer experience management
  • Application Simplification

Supply Chain Management

Cygnus team of supply chain experts and advisors has tackled the toughest supply chain challenges and produced significant value for our clients. Our ability to combine cutting-edge digital technologies, deep domain knowledge and industry KPIs into measurable, highly effective, customized solutions makes us the perfect partner to collaborate with your supply chain transformation.

We take a customer-centric approach, helping companies create a supply chain strategy that’s tied to your overall corporate strategy.  We not only provide consulting service, but augment our expertise with complementary skills and experience spanning change management, enterprise technology, digital transformation, and much more.

Our Services:

  • Supply Chain transformation
  • Network optimization
  • Sales and Operation planning
  • Inventory management
  • Transportation and Logistics


Data is everything! Its valuable!  And it’s for the very reason it’s a now becoming a very lucrative business to steal / access and use Business critical information, intellectual property and employee and customer data of major organizations. In the era of constant business and IT transformation, the cost and demand for speed of storing, organizing and maintaining business data continues to grow and this leads to increase of risk of losing control over your assets, info and data. 


In this ever-evolving time, especially since COVID 19 started, employees and customers are accessing data through an ever-growing range of internet devices and technologies.  Without a proper cyber security strategy – supported by a protective information security architecture and framework – your data could be left vulnerable. 

Cygnus Consulting have helped multiple companies in their transformation journeys in Australia.

Our services 

  • Security Audit
  • Risk assessment
  • Security governance
  • Vulnerability assessment


The Utility sector is in the middle of ‘once in a generation’ transition. Coal and oil are giving way to renewable energy, Distributed Energy Resources (DER) gaining momentum, modernisation of old infrastructure that can handle two-way traffic, record low oil and gas prices, the emergence of electric vehicles – all these factors are creating a perfect storm in the utility sector. Also, grids are dealing with increased natural calamities and cyberattacks.

We are working with our clients to help them across cloud adoption, building data platforms, compliance with major regulatory changes, digital customer channels.

The Utility industry is now in the middle of digital transformation and is exploring new business models to tap into emerging opportunities. Companies are also setting the agenda on clean energy. Some companies are even linking the executive bonus with clean energy targets! While the last decade was all about large ERP implementation, this decade belongs to using Digital technologies and data to create new revenue streams, enhance customer experience, improve the stability of core systems. Companies are using IoT technology and 5G network capabilities to seize the opportunities of building smart cities.